All our microneedling rollers are durable, high-quality precision tools and components are produced in quality-controlled manufacturing facilities. 


Advances in the processing of materials on a micro-scale have led to the development and introduction of the advanced microneedling dermarollers that employ very thin disk-needles – they deliver active ingredients by mechanically perforating the outer skin layer and allowing for transdermal absorption of solutions.

    CLINICARE Microneedling Roller

    • The CLINICCARE Titanium microneedling roller is a barrel-like roller with 540 incorporated disk-needles, the needles are made from titanium to provide the safest skin needling treatment.

      Available in: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm

      How to Clean:

      What you could use to clean your roller before and after use: 

      • Isopropyl alcohol to clean them, or
      • Hydrogen peroxide for cuts and scrapes. Its inexpensive.
      • Remember to soak in boiling water after.
      • Denture tablets would work well too.
      • Last resort..... vinegar....again remember to steep in boiling water after.

      Our first choice is always isopropyl alcohol, but it can be hard to get a hold of.