Glowing, plump and brighter looking skin.

The Rose Quartz Roller uses lymphatic drainage techniques to de-puff and brighten the skin, by draining toxins and excess fluids.

Why we love it

  • Rose Quartz Crystal is packed full of skin loving minerals including magnesium, iron and sodium which help to reduce inflammation and calm skin

  • Keep the Roller in the fridge before use, the cooling effect helps to tackle under eye bags and dark circles

  • Easy to use, and suitable for all skin types


“The roller is amaaaazing! Love the glow it gives my skin” — @sophsterldn

The Roller - Flexi Skin London


    • Perfect on cleansed, bare skin, but even better rolled over your favourite moisturiser, serum or mask

    • Roll gently across the face working out towards the hairline and down the neck

    • After use, run under a cold tap and dry with a towel

    • How to use it video: Click here