Autumn has officially arrived….. but is your skin ready?

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and the air is becoming drier. Autumn has officially arrived.

But whilst wooly jumpers, hot drinks, and cozy nights in might be a welcome comfort, the dry cold air isn’t great news for your skin.

From the humidity to the dry cold air and the rapidly changing temperatures (going from your warm cozy heated home to the cold outdoors), all has an impact on the condition of our skin.

So here are our tops tips for your skincare routine this Autumn:

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

To save your skin from becoming dull, lacklustre and dehydrated during the autumn months, up your exfoliation to twice a week.

Exfoliating regularly, helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells that can hinder the absorption of any moisturisers or serums.

Have you considered one of our skin treatments? We can help with those exfoliating needs with treatments such as a Skin Peel or Microneedling.

Inject more moisture and stay hydrated!

Having a super-moisturising facial product in your essentials really is one of the most important autumn beauty tips. Make sure you avoid any moisturiser that contains drying alcohol, as this strips your skin of moisture and can cause it to become dry and itchy.

If you’ve never tried a facial serum before, now is the perfect time to invest. With a beautifully light, silky texture and an intense nourishing feel, facial serums are the ideal products to give your skin the edge against the elements.

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

We provide a range of skin booster treatments that improve skin laxity and hydration. Get in touch today to discuss whether this could benefit you!


Just because you may not be laying on the beach doesn’t mean you can forget the sunscreen for the next 6 months. Sunscreen is a daily essential, so don’t set it aside. Try to select essential cosmetics that contain an SPF so you’re protected all day long.

Contact our skin specialist Sam today to discuss what skin treatments could help benefit your skin this Autumn and to see the wide range of skin products we stock, including: Clinicare, Medik8 & AD Vance, just to name a few.

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